So yeah! The new website launch went great! There were lots of people checking out the site and a few even decided to follow my blog so that makes me super excited and happy.  Then the next day I held my first LIVE event in my private FB group.  That is something that I have been nudged to do for months!  For some people it may not be a big deal but for those of us that have had to build ourselves up after being torn down by those around us, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to put ourselves out there like that.  However, as a coach, I know that all that fear stuff is in your head and I’ve done alot of clearing and healing and therefore I attract individuals that are like-minded or just supportive of me.  Anyway, back to the video.  It went well and I enjoyed it and people told me that it helped them! So, I decided to change the Friday Q&A to a LIVE event too!  This time I posted it on my business page and my personal FB page and I am happy to say that as of the time of this blog, that video has had 779 views.  What’s even more amazing was the positive feedback that I received! In addition to those that left comments on the post, I had several people reach out to me privately to let me know how helpful it was for them.  This can only mean one thing – I need to make more videos!  My guides told me that I was gonna love making them and, as always, they are right haha! I see lots of exciting things coming this year, not just for me, but for the collective as well.  I’m sure I will be blogging about that too at some point but for now, I’m wrapping things up here.  Thank you for reading and remember to join the Empower U Community page so that you can watch me answer questions LIVE there.