I spent a good portion of my day yesterday watching webinars to help me grow my business.  As I was watching, I could feel things coming to the surface.  They made some very valid points that obviously started triggering me, not in a bad way of course.  I realized a lot about myself as this was happening.  I had realized most of all that I have been holding myself back, standing in my own way and frozen in fear in my business.  There’s a part of me that hasn’t quite claimed all that I am.  And now this part was staring me in the face.  No matter what the webinar was about that I was watching, the message was the same – stop holding yourself back!  These people are all people that took chances, followed their heart and became successful in their businesses.  And I realized another thing – there is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful!  To me, being successful means I am making an impact on people’s lives and fulfilling my life’s purpose. Who doesn’t want that?  I have also realized that I am too “in my head” with alot of this.  My need for perfectionism has been rearing its ugly head.  Time to squash that sucker!  It’s time to step up.  No more fear.  No more holding back.  It’s time to own this!  This is what the journey to empowerment is!  You keep finding more things that need healing and you are so grateful when you do.  You can’t fix what you won’t face.  At the end of the day, I learned that I don’t need to watch any more webinars.  I learned that I hold the key to all of it and that, my friends, is one of the most powerful lessons to learn.