There’s been alot going on physically, energetically, spiritually, etc.  I became an Angelic Reiki Master roughly 2 weeks ago and so many changes are taking place in my world because of it.  I won’t get into too much detail at this time but let’s just say that it’s causing shifts within my physical body, which hasn’t been the most comfortable lol.  It has been a beautiful process though as the angels have been coming and healing me daily and it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to work with them so I am definitely not complaining.  The clearing process has been gentle compared to my previous initiations and attunements.  Tibetan Reiki was the worst – in a really good way!  It really kicked my ass!  Angelic Reiki has been more of an upgrade.  My healing abilities have definitely changed!  I’ve been having incredible experiences take place during my healing sessions lately, one which I would like to share with you all.

A few weeks ago, my neighbor called and said she had a really bad headache that she couldn’t get rid of no matter what she took and asked if I could fit her in for a Reiki session.  I told her that I would call when I was ready.  She arrived and I started the session. At one point I closed my eyes and I saw us in some type of forest, like a gorgeous meadow.  My client was lying across some sort of table and it reminded me very much of a scene from Snow White.  I was standing behind her head and sending her Reiki, just as I was doing in my living room.  All of a sudden, a woman appeared.  She had on a grass skirt and her top was covered in flower necklaces.  She also wore a crown of flowers on her head.  She comes over to us and takes a look at my client and then placed a flower with a gem in its center on the middle of her forehead.  She looks up at me and says, “This is so she remembers how beautiful she is.”  That is when the “me” in my living room began to cry.  It was so beautiful and amazing that I became overwhelmed with emotion.  I also felt this great big release of energy that needed to take place within my client.  I have experienced that before, but nothing quite like this.  I immediately began to try to think about how I was going to relay what had transpired without being all emotional and so I start telling her that something amazing just happened.  There were other things taking place while this was happening, after all I was just really focusing on trying to get rid of this awful headache.  She had a major blockage in there and I was doing everything I could to get rid of it.  Anyway, I got a hold of myself and I proceeded to fill her in.  She could tell that I was quite moved by the experience.  I went back to work on her headache which I did manage to get rid of for her, although she had some residual pain from the block being removed.  I sent her home with some herbs to bathe in and I called a few times to check on her and she was completely better.  It wasn’t until later that she would realize the significance of what took place that day.

A few weeks go by and she was over here checking on me because I had been down with a kidney stone and before she leaves she starts telling me that she’s feeling a lot better about herself these days.  She went into detail, saying that she actually likes to look at herself in the mirror now (and here come the tears, AGAIN!) and that she has even purchased some new beauty products and how she just feels more confident overall.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  She said that her new attitude towards herself has even trickled down into her teenage daughter.  Seeing her mother feel better and be more confident has made her be more confident in her own skin.  That is HUGE for a young teenage girl!  At this point I was crying such happy tears and so she hugged me and thanked me.  We stood there smiling and I realized that her I had also healed a part of me that day, that part of me that thinks that I’m not good enough.  You see, the path to being a healer requires one to heal themselves from the issues that their clients will generally be dealing with….that is what draws your clients to you – your own experience and your ability to overcome these same challenges.  This isn’t something that can be bought.  Anyway, my point is that as an empowerment coach, I’ve had to do massive amounts of work on my own self-esteem issues, so of course I’m going to be challenged extensively in this area.  This just makes me better at what I do.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you to continue to heal yourself.  I know there are times that you are frustrated and may feel that “it” isn’t working or that you’ll never be that person that you want to be or you’re never going to have those things or that relationship that you want.  Keep going!  You will get there – wherever “there” is for you.  I’m here to tell you that it is possible and I am speaking from experience.

Peace, love and blessings 🙂