I experienced something this weekend that takes the concept of what we know as an Inner Battle to a whole different level.  So this Saturday my ex came to pick up the kids and while he was here waiting for them to get ready and gather their things, I began to feel something in my solar plexus.  By something, I mean something that didn’t feel right, things started moving around in there and so I began to Reiki myself in order to clear it.  He leaves and my uncle and I decide to tackle on a new kitchen countertop project in my kitchen – this is a story in itself, but I’m not going “there” now lol.  Anyway, we decide to go to Ikea to buy some butcher block.  This turns into a three and a half hour ordeal – it’s 110 miles roundtrip plus navigating that place was an experience all in itself since neither of us have ever been there before.  It was a madhouse too!  We couldn’t find the car, which I thought was absolutely hysterical, but yeah, definitely an experience.  So we get home finally and again I begin to not feel right in my solar plexus.  I thought, “Well, maybe I picked something up from one of the hundreds of people I encountered today,” and began to begin clearing and healing myself.  I decide to close my eyes and see what’s happening (this is one way I see Spirit) and  I see two males fighting, one had samurai swords and the other had some Excalibur-looking sword.  I start throwing out every symbol and clearing method I know to see if anything changes and it doesn’t.  So I decide to reach out to another healer, my personal Reiki teacher and see if he can tell me what’s going on – he’s really good at that lol.  So he takes a look and he tells me that its an Inner Battle that was ensuing because of the visit from my ex!  While I was happy to have the answer that I was looking for, I wasn’t happy to hear what I heard at all.  I challenged what he told me.  I told him I had been busy all day and didn’t even have time to think about my ex! I had just sat down to relax a minute when all this started happening.  Inside, I knew he was right and I realized this Inner Battle was not on a conscious level, meaning I didn’t do anything to bring it on, yet here I was now in the middle of it.  I get tired sometimes of all the healing that I have to do because of a relationship that I haven’t been in for 2 years now.  You would not believe the amount of energy work that I have done! I’ll get off my soap box now.  Anyway, this battle went on for about 2 hours or so.  I carried about with the rest of my evening while this was taking place.  I could feel it when it ended and now because I had been involved in a battle, I now had to be healed and because of the level that this battle occurred I needed some serious healing, which is always such an amazing experience for me because I encounter such beautiful, loving energies during the process.  Long story short, a massive healing and clearing transpired.  Even though I was not happy initially that this was taking place, I know that massive healings usually happen this way.  I can’t tell you how many Saturday nights I’ve spent at home because of these “spontaneous” spiritual experiences lol.  It’s all good! No! It’s all super awesome!  I remember a time when feeling things was overwhelming for me.  I remember rocking back and forth from severe anxiety and being depressed because of all the things that I felt.  That feels like forever ago now.  All the work I’ve done has been so totally worth it.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I wish you all the strength and courage to face your own Inner Battles!  I wish massive loads of clearing and healing to you all! Stay blessed!