I can feel it.  The feeling is uncomfortable on a physical and energetic level.  There is a feeling that something is going to happen but you don’t know what or when and so you’re just waiting somewhat restlessly in the calm before the storm.  Personally I am still in some sort of recalibration from the last shift that occurred around the recent solar eclipse.  The last few nights I have found that I am just exhausted and have been passing out earlier than usual.  Tomorrow is 3/3 which means there is another  gateway opening up.  These are opportunities to embrace the energies available to us, to utilize them in a way that is beneficial to us.  I have found that it is always best to be conscious of these things as opposed to being caught off guard by them but that has certainly happened to me on more than one occasion.  Sometimes I will get a “heads up” from my guides that a shift is about to occur.  Other times, I have literally been thrown off balance when they have occurred or experienced a lot of dizziness or nausea.  I don’t get alarmed when these things happen.  I see them as confirmation that things are indeed happening, that things are actually shifting.  It’s all good no matter how uncomfortable it may be at the time.  Growth and change is uncomfortable on some level anyway.  Then there are the internal shifts that I’ve experienced.  Some have been gradual shifts, you know, things I have been “working” on.  While others have happened seemingly out of nowhere and instantaneous. I can literally feel the energy shift in my body.  I can feel how the energy is able to flow better there, like a new pathway opened up – it’s hard to explain.   I am always thankful that I work from home when these things are happening.  It could be awkward being at a job and having to work while going through these things – I can’t even imagine, to be honest.

The other shift I’ve been feeling has been taking place in my head.  I can feel more parts of my head activating.  They feel like little explosions taking place, like something that was dormant is suddenly bursting into life.  It’s not painful but there are times the feeling is intense.  It’s just alot of activity, for lack of a better word lol.  It’s very exciting to me though because it means that changes are taking place leading to more growth and expansion.  I gobble that shit up!  Bring it on! Haha!  But for now, I’m just sitting in this state of uncomfortable awkwardness until this next shift actually happens.

Anyway, I wish you all the best!   Happy Shifting to you 🙂