Yeah.  We’ve all been there, well, most of us have anyway.  There are those that seemingly never get preyed on in the horrid ways that many of us have experienced.  Although at one time, you best believe they did or else they wouldn’t be the way they are now.   They learned it from somewhere or someone – or both!  Their environment as a child most likely was full of abandonment, neglect, or abuse and, because of this, they developed a “void” in them.  It also made them emotionally withdrawn, turning them into emotionally unavailable adults.  Many of them come off as normal, fun-loving people at first.  But underneath that False Self lies a person that fills their void within by feeding off the energy of others.

They have many ways in which they do this.  They purposely bring about situations that cause you pain and suffering.  They may withhold affection or attention, give you the silent treatment, or perhaps they “push your buttons” just to get a rise out of you.  They may yell at you and call you all the horrible things that they feel about themselves just to make you feel like shit about yourself.  They will play mind games to keep you in a state of confusion and they will often exhibit unpredictable behavior that keeps you in a state of panic and fear.  They will lie to you all day long and think nothing of it.  These are people that look out only for themselves and not in a healthy way.  Their only objective is to find people that will allow them to walk all over them, people they can use to attempt to fill that black hole within themselves.  But the hole never gets filled.  Nothing is ever enough for these people and because of this, they literally destroy the people that truly care about them.  They suck them dry – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and usually financially.  They are parasites in every sense of the word.  And just like any other parasite, they must have a host to live off of.  So many of us become this host without even realizing it.  The next thing you know, they have their cords in you so deep and you can’t figure out how to untangle any of it.  In the mean time, they just take you down further and further and further – until there’s nothing left for them to take.  Then they toss you to the side or pretend that you don’t even exist because they’ve already found another host.  Some of them continue to come around and poke at you just to get their jollies off every now and then.  It’s easy for them.  It’s fun for them.  It temporarily relieves them of their own emptiness and that is ultimately what it all comes down to – these people are EMPTY!  I know so many of us want to believe that there is SOMETHING inside of them that is good and loving, but you will destroy yourself looking for it, only to find that it most likely isn’t there.  And for what?  The reason most of us keep waiting for this other person to get their shit together is to avoid dealing with our own insecurities.  Yup.  I said it.  And thus the cycle keeps going and going and going…..

Until that day when you decide that you’re done with people taking advantage of you, abusing you, controlling you and you take your power back.  That is the day you become reborn.

I hope you find the strength to take your power back!

Sending you lots of love,

Dana Marie