Unity Consciousness is not about everyone thinking alike.  Unity Consciousness is about coming together, uniting, living in peace and in the vibration of love.  It involves the general acceptance of other people’s beliefs, or not, meaning that we no longer condemn others for their beliefs but accept that theirs may differ from ours.  However, we don’t become too concerned with that as those with similar beliefs tend to find each other and form their own circles.  The problem is that many that are in these circles that are promoting Unity Consciousness are actually still in War Consciousness.

It saddens me to see such a great divide in the Spiritual Community as I have witnessed over the last few years.  Facebook pages and groups being “taken over” by others, groups created just for the sake of arguing with each other over things like whether the Earth is flat or round, and people being smeared and slammed for sharing their perspective and experiences with the true intention of being a light to others.  I see none of this as any different as what the major religions have done throughout the ages, separate and divide.

It’s great to be devoted to a cause and I am certainly not arguing that at all but we are at a time when we are moving into harmony and as long as there are people being ugly to each other, we aren’t really getting there.  All we have is the same shit playing out but under the guise of spirituality instead of religion.  When is enough of enough already?  When will we rise above all the separation once and for all?

When we choose to do so.  It starts with us, people! We are the change we have been waiting for!  Please help stop the cycle of separation.  Be mindful of War Consciousness and how it may show itself in your reality.  Rise above it!

Much Love,

Dana Marie