Now I told you all that before this happened to me, I had no gifts.

This isn’t entirely true.

I have always been an Empath…I just thought that that was “normal” and certainly didn’t feel like a gift until I learned to master it.

My BFF and I were highly telepathic. We would look at each other and have whole conversations. We thought that was because we were always together and that other BFF’s could do the same.

As for seeing things, I have been told by several psychics that I’ve seen angels since I am a child. I can’t recall ever seeing an angel as a child.

I would occasionally see things in the walls or in patterns and such but never thought much of it and figured my eyes were just playing tricks on me.

I’ve always been very Intuitive, whether I followed my intuition or not is a different story haha. I’ve always known how certain things were gonna turn out or such.

Most never would listen to what I had to say though and so I eventually stopped saying it.

Leading to a very closed throat chakra.

Moving on with my story….

It was a good 2 weeks or so AFTER my third eye opened that I got the bright idea to start meditating.

Here I was seeing all this really cool stuff with my physical eyes so it was time to see what else I could see.

I wasn’t even sure how to meditate. I had done it a few times while studying with my group but they were all guided. I wasn’t sure what the heck I was supposed to actually do.

I had like no crystal collection at the time but I happened to have a chunk of amethyst. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes and put the amethyst on my forehead.

I saw a giant blob of purple when I closed my eyes. As I laid there, the purple started to swirl.

When I was done meditating I could see a little better there than I had been able to when I started.

It’s important to note that I did connect with some of my guides in the two weeks prior to this.

Very quickly after beginning to meditate daily, I was able to see them there through the purple.

I began to talk to them, to tell them I could see them and I asked them to help me to see them better.

And I watched as they would remove more and more of the purple.

There is no purple there now. It’s basically like a white screen now. And I can just close my eyes and see my guides and whoever else is around or whatever it is I need to see.

More to comeĀ ?