For the record, I would like to say that I was not an “angel person” before any of this. I don’t collect figurines. I didn’t have a special love for angels. I had seen shows on TV where someone had encounters with angels and where they have even saved their life but that was pretty much all my knowledge of Angels.

So, here I was, meditating daily now. I had discovered that I could see even better if I put something dark over my eyes while I did so.

I’m laying in my bed meditating and I start asking for someone to please come and tell me what the hell is happening to me.

My face got really warm and there was this super bright light, like the sun, that started to appear. I felt as if something good was about to happen.

From this bright light appeared a man – he was far away but started moving closer.

He had a long white robe/gown on and long blond hair. He was holding a heart made of pink flowers. As he got closer, the heart turned into a harp.

I start thinking, “This is an angel!”

He comes to me and says, “Hi, my name is Michael. I’m here to help you.”

He tells me I’m in “good hands” and that they’re doing everything they can on their side to help me.

He tells me I need to be patient. He also told me he needed me to write everything down.

He then shows me this big golden statue of a ram.

And then the phone rings. I look and see that it’s my kids pediatrician so I answer it.

I discover I had been meditating for 2 1/2 hours!

So I get up and decide it’s time to get showered and dressed.

Michael was still with me at this point. I’m shaving my legs and he’s showing me how he’s been portrayed over the ages.

I still had no clue WHO he was.

I get dressed and message my good friend, Kristina and I tell her what happened.

She says to me, “Dana, I’m pretty sure that’s Archangel Michael.”

And I’m like no way.

But it was!

He’s been with me ever since.