There are some connections where you almost instantly know what that connection is.

There are other times you can’t quite put your finger on it, you just feel a strong or certain connection to this person.

There are other connections that will make themselves known at a later time.

Some we may never quite know.

I have had past life experiences/remembrances with people I have known for a relatively brief amount of time in this lifetime while some of my closest connections have yet to fully reveal themselves to me.

Then there are those that know who you are and are supporting you during your time of awakening/remembering.

There are those we meet that may activate us. Many of these encounters have been planned long ago.

I’ve had many meetings, sessions and encounters that have initiated an activation or spontaneous healing in either one or both of us.

Some connections are “simple” in that they are only meant to perhaps deliver a message or to introduce you to another person.

Others are deep and if/when the time is right you may find out just how deep they are! You will find people that you’ve shared many many lifetimes with, over and over.

And when you remember these connections, these lifetimes you’ve had together, and all the “stuff” you’ve been through with them, it can freakin blow your mind – in a totally awesome way, of course.