Let Me Share My Story With You

Certified Ethical Psychic, Reiki Master, and Life Coach are some of my titles. I’m also an Entrepreneur and a Magical and Mystical Mom to three super awesome kids. But I want to REALLY tell you about me. I wasn’t always living so magically! I’ve certainly had my share of stumbling along the way in this thing called life. It wasn’t until I had my breakdown that I was able to have my breakthrough.

The woman that you see here did not exist at one time. Sure I was alive but I wasn’t really living. To make matters worse, I was in a toxic and abusive relationship – only I didn’t even know it. My life path brought me through many trying times and a lot of pain and heartache, but none as devastating as the abuse I endured throughout the course of my sixteen year marriage.  Perhaps maybe a part of me just accepted the abuse because I felt like it came along with being married to a bipolar alcoholic. You know – the pathological lying, the backstabbing, the disappearing acts, the unanswered phone calls and texts, the name calling, the lack of money, and all the pain that comes with the territory.

There was also a part of me that truly believed that he would change.

I didn’t fully realize all that was happening to me during the process of waiting for that to happen.  Daily life was a struggle and consisted of lots of things to do, without anything ever actually getting accomplished. I ran myself ragged. I suffered from depression, anxiety and severe codependency.  

It felt like my soul was dying.

I had reached the end of my rope with the death of a friend and I honestly felt like giving up…although I didn’t.  I eventually lost myself and hit rock bottom.

Until one day, something took place that changed my life forever. I experienced a mystical event that led to a spiritual awakening.  And so my healing journey began.

I was awakened to many truths about myself and my marriage and ultimately that led to my divorce a year later. It was then that I discovered that  what I had actually been going through all those years in my relationship was narcissistic abuse. Hands down, one of the biggest A-ha moments of my life! Finally, things started to make a lot more sense.

It was through this experience that I was given the opportunity to change, to recreate myself, to live a life in truth, love, harmony, integrity and empowerment. With the help of my Spiritual Team, I have managed to break free from toxic relationships, codependent patterns and behaviors. I no longer have anxiety or depression either! I was reborn.  I have since awakened others to the truths in their relationships and within themselves, helped them to heal old wounds and break cycles and patterns, ultimately allowing them to transform into their most authentic and empowered Self.  I turned my pain into my passion and became a spiritual teacher and intuitive life coach so that I could help others make powerful changes in their lives.  

I now walk my path with guidance, wisdom, and purpose.