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I offer private and confidential one-on-one sessions that can help you shift and transform into the most awesome version of yourself!  

During a typical session, we will discuss the issues you are currently facing, remove blockages and give you tips, tools and guidance on how to best proceed from there.  

One session can provide you with alot of clarity and direction!  

Sessions are held through video, telephone or chat and typically last about 60-75 minutes.  

Clarity Call

Get insight, clarity and guidance on situations surrounding you

30 and 60 minute sessions available

$45 for 30 minutes

$65 for 60 minutes

Soul Empowerment Session

Learn tools and techniques to bring you into alignment, tap into your Inner Wisdom and overcome any challenges you are currently facing

$85 for 60-75 minute session

Strategy Session

Great for those with a specific goal in mind that need guidance and/or accountability in order to make it happen

$65 for 60 minute session

If you aren’t sure which session is right for you, just reach out!  

I also have special packages available for those that require more assistance.

Check Out The Benefits Of Working With Me!

  • Deeper connection and understanding of yourself.  
  • Gain insight and clarity into the situations going on around you.
  • Learn techniques to shift your mindset so that you can easily overcome any of life’s challenges
  • Rid yourself of self-limiting beliefs that actually keep you from manifesting the things that you desire.
  • More self-confidence which greatly improves your decision-making abilities
  • Unlock your own Inner Wisdom
  • Heal old wounds that are impacting your life
  • Break free from programs, behaviors and patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Discover your true authentic self
  • Increased self esteem and sense of self worth which means you will stop settling for less in all areas of your life
  • Finding your soul’s purpose
  • Improve relationships
  • Reach bigger goals
  • Achieve lifelong dreams
  • Live a more centered and meaningful life
  • Align and balance your inner and outer world
  • Remove mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages
  • Learn to stop feelings of fear, overwhelm and frustration and live with more joy, freedom and fulfillment!

I would love to share the wonderful coaching experience I received, I knew I had many issues to deal with, and my situation was distracting my focus and ability to find myself. Dana helped with sorting through the confusion and blocks. Lead me to be able to find that spark of joy, and confidence I needed to work through all the issues. Am so very grateful in this and the timing of it all, for sure was universally planned! Being and having help from Dana in dealing with the many issues has opened so many new doors! There are no judgements, and Dana is a person you feel comfortable confiding in.   She researches info and shares as wanted or needed to get us on our way to joy and happiness, leaving the old baggage behind !!! Again I am very Grateful for Dana in helping me and many others to come! Blessings and Love to All!

Brenda Revet

Dana is a GIANT in my life. During my most difficult moments she has said the perfect thing or checked in on me. She is amazing at helping getting you back on track when you wobble. The best part is there is no judgement when pouring your heart out to her. She is so loving and patient. She feels like my sister because she understands and has experienced things like I have. I can tell she has prepared and learned in order to do what she does. I highly recommend this beautiful being.

Leticia Aguilera-Solis